ombre hair take two

I’ve been pondering what to do with my hair for a while now, cutting or restyling just isn’t an option, so I’ve given it a new lease of life by dip dying my bog standard brunette locks in a gorgeous, not so in your face ash blonde.

I have attempted this process a week ago with a non-permanent dye which led to failure! So I headed to my local chemist where I picked up Jerome Russell blonde permanent dye that has worked a treat! It was around £4 and as easy peasy to do!

I’m not going to create another tutorial for this as I did the exact process as I did on this post, just with a different dye!

I’ve worked this into an outfit post too, I don’t do outfit posts half as much as I should! They’re super popular and everyone loves a nosey don’t they? So here I am sporting my 75p top, topshop sale metallic foil skirt and new (and poorly photographed) ombre hair!


Charity shop haul

I have no make up on and this was all pretty rushed because I must start revising for my exam! so apologies.. but this skirt and shirt  cost me just £4.50 from a local charity shop! thats my Chritmas present to myself.

Watch the video to see what other bargains I accidently stumbled across today! but do try ignore my hideous snotty nose and bunged up voice, Ive got a bad case of the yearly Christmas cold!

(Look, I sat in front of the tree and everything, could I be anymore festive?!)