Rainy Monday’s and Morning Coffee







So far, today has largely been made up of running errands, getting caught in the rain and having a morning coffee with my BFF! Despite this laid back and easy living Monday, I’m in fact waiting on a really important call that is making me a nervous wreck! but I will say no more on that matter! Tease, I know.

OOTD posts are always my favourite to read, and I vowed a light year ago that I would start posting more of them too. What I love about this outfit, even though its far from weather appropriate and is pretty bland, is that its all second hand. 50% of the items in my wardrobe have probably had a handful of previous owners, I’m always curious how others may have styled the pieces that I now have!

The houndstooth brown and caramel pencil skirt was 20p from a charity shop in my home town, mental isn’t it!? The over sized khaki vest that I blogged about here is, of course, from Beautiful Barcelona for just 1 euro, along with the cream knit (4 euro) that I literally haven’t taken off since getting it! The emerald green slippers are coming up 4 years old (in my hands, anyway!) from COW vintage for just £3. But breaking the second hand look of this outfit is the bracelet, hand decorated from Spain for just 1 euro!

If you have any charity shop posts, leave your link below!

Happy Monday x


charity shop haul

I popped home for two nights last week, just because I hadnt had the chance to see some family and friends over my birthday, so had to make up for lack of celebrations and it was fantastic! my friends threw me a birthday party with cake, paper chains and pass the parcel! while my Mum gave me money(yey!) and little keep sake presents that I’ll treasure forever!

While Im at home I have to go charity shopping as they are SO much better than Sheffield, in my opinion anyway! (I dont tend to venture out of the city centre, so that may have something to do with it!) I was eagerly tweeting my finds and couldnt wait to blog about them, but at the same time I wanted to show my birthday bits, too. So Ive kind of merged the two and created this post, however it doesnt include many of my birthday gifts because Im too lazy to take anymore photos! plus, Im rubbish at taking photos of objects. I can never capture how pretty or delicate things are.

Im super happy with these buys, not sure Ive put together the best outfits here, but Im working with a limited wardrobe as I seem to have stuff all over the place at the moment.

Cream bobble jumper was £2.50!/ Teal pendant and ring were birthday gifts/Oversized camel coat with anchor detailed buttons was £1!/ Owl necklace was a birthday gift/ Light Lime oversized jumper £3/ Pink button up bomber style jacket £3

The cream and lime jumper are items I bought specifically for spring! I especially love the lime, stores like H&M have neons, pastels, limes and yellows everywhere so Im hoping to team this second hand buy with something highstreet.

As for the ‘del boy’ coat, I have no plans for this, I imagine Ill be throwing it on over anything until the weather warms. I love how casual it is, it reminds me of Topshop AW10, which is fantastic to say this was a pound!

The pastel pink jacket is for summer / spring, also. Its not very ‘me’. But as Ive been saying for ages, I want to see myself in loads of ripped denim and tie dye this summer, so fingers crossed this will slot in perfectly.


Have a lovely weekend x