Its a blistering cold Friday in Sheffield today, it seems its been horrible weather all over the UK, which is why Ive had 4 comments of ‘arent you cold in that?’

Surprisingly not, of course Ive had my parka on when walking to uni and back, I swear people forget that buildings generally do have heating and the warmth is only needed for the inbetween stage, duh! I wrote a few weeks ago that I wanted to start doing more #todayimwearing posts, so here they are!

This was fun to do, its always nice to pose for the camera when you like your outfit! As it has been cold Ive teamed a vintage cream and blue summer dress with a bold neon cropped jumper, this has not only made it vibrant but has added warmth too! The tights are a must, but the vintage leather boots and cream bag are the vital bits thats given this outfit a vibe of old meets new. To say I threw this on at 8:15 this morning its not too bad, is it?!

Have a lovely weekend !


Christmas shopping

I love Christmas, the family time, the over indulging, the quizzes and novelty presents, that new dress, the long days, candle lit nights and great TV. What I dont like is the way we approach it, like the Argos aliens say: “the human was of Christmas shopping does my head in” PREACH.

Its that time of year where you rack your brains to think of a useful, fun, appropriate and ‘evident that there has been some thought process put into choosing this’ gift.

Today I have done a lot of ticking off on the shopping list, and a lot of bashing of the bank account. After searching for an item that can not be listed because the receiver may read this, I popped into Bank to give my head a rest and thats where I found the clutch bag above.

Its not me at all and I love it! I do love a good grungy look but this has that edge on it that could shout ALL SAINTS, or KATIE PRICE. Can you see it? but Im hoping that Ill work it, baby.