A funny old week makes for a FUNNY weekend

Oh Lordy, what a lovely weekend it has been! It was a bit of a weird week, so in a bid to cheer myself up and have a little pamper, I bathed for the first time IN A YEAR! (I sometimes find time to shower in between this yearly event)

I always try to make the most of my weekend, and this was one was no exception! One of my BFF’s came home from University so a good catch up over coffee and HUGE custard creams (kudos, Costa) was in order followed by cocktails in a can, classy – I know!

I also picked up my new prescribed sunnies, I know most people relate these lenses to middle aged men (ha!) but they are a must have when driving into the low sun! Plus at by one get one free I couldn’t really say no! What do you think? The Specsavers lady compared them to Audrey Hepburn sunnies – Im a sucker for salesperson lie.







That’s been my week in photos, Im drawing a line under today despite it being just mid afternoon, I’ve figured if I’m still in my pj’s at this time – Im not gona be shifting anytime soon!

Have a good week! x