DIY ombre hair

I edited this without watching it back, silly! apologies for the few seconds that has me signing to Florence, pulling faces and a towel on my head!!

(I have NO idea if I have been pronouncing ombre wrong or right but you guys know what I mean!)

This was really easy to do but unfortunately not as effective as I had hoped! I think I was wrong in using semi permanent and probably should have braced a longer lasting dye to get a brighter affect! I was after an orangey look but due to my cautiousness it only lightened my already dyed brunette hair.

In terms of coverage – the bristle brush really worked, it gave a gradual gradient effect and will probably work even better on longer hair.

I would suggest that if you have short hair – still try it! Length shouldn’t limit you.

If you have already dyed hair use a permanent – it will take to your hair better.