I’ve been meaning to post these images for a few days now. In a bid to save myself some money this summer I’ve decided to tie dye some of my old clothes. I’ve been lusting after various different tie dyed denim jackets, shorts and tees on the internet for a while but many of them are just so far out of my budget! So I figured surely I can create this look myself?!

With just one packet of dye and an hour of my day I have transformed a light denim jacket into a beautiful violet dipped sleeveless jacket, a pair of old denim shorts into purple splashed and ripped shorts and finally, this (which is my fave) it’s a old oversized Topshop vest that I wear over my bikini on holiday and I’ve given its first splash of colour ready for festival season. My aim is to create a really vibrant and multi coloured dress from this.

I’m happy with the first stage and I can’t wait to get some greens and yellows included!


DIY ombre hair

I edited this without watching it back, silly! apologies for the few seconds that has me signing to Florence, pulling faces and a towel on my head!!

(I have NO idea if I have been pronouncing ombre wrong or right but you guys know what I mean!)

This was really easy to do but unfortunately not as effective as I had hoped! I think I was wrong in using semi permanent and probably should have braced a longer lasting dye to get a brighter affect! I was after an orangey look but due to my cautiousness it only lightened my already dyed brunette hair.

In terms of coverage – the bristle brush really worked, it gave a gradual gradient effect and will probably work even better on longer hair.

I would suggest that if you have short hair – still try it! Length shouldn’t limit you.

If you have already dyed hair use a permanent – it will take to your hair better.