After being super sensible with my money for over 2 months, I found myself spending like a mad woman last week. Oddly, I don’t feel guilty at all because it’s was a fab week/end!

The week started with an email about gradation, crazy!! Time has flown by, I can’t believe university is almost over. Real life really is just around the corner, I knew with that thought resting on my mind and deadlines day after day, last weekend would be one to let off steam.

Before hitting up my home town, I spent the day in Leeds visiting my brothers, shopping and attending an interview, I loved my interview clothes and strolling around Leeds looking important! the highlight of the day had to be the bargains I bagged from Urban Outfitters, I’m going to post about them throughout the week.

My home town offered the usual: fish and chips, friends, family, Louie, graffiti riddled toilets, dancing, drinks, donkeys and a hefty fry up!

Keep your eyes peeled for an actual fashion post coming soon – I’m so consumed by work and summer plans that the idea of getting an outfit of the day or fashion post out seems so out of reach! Its funny how demanding blogging is, I never realised until ‘real life’ stepped in. So apologies for pushing out these weekly posts, I’m sure all you bloggers now just how much you want to keep your blog updated but battle with how doable it actually is!

Happy Monday!











My iPhone 4 case finally arrived, I LOVE it! get yours here.










I created this post on my mobile while lounging around watching Shrek and eating my weight in Easter eggs, so do excuse me if parts of it make no sense. Its likely that I’ll be paying more attention to cracking the next egg than what I’m writing !

Its been a lovely week but far too relaxed to say my dissertation is due in in just over a 7 days! I keep telling myself that this is time to recharge my batteries but I’m not sure how true that is! I’m heading back university tomorrow so my performance over the next few day will determine whether or not these rejuvenating few days have been worth while!

Ive spent my week with friends, eating too much, walking my dog, making the most of the best fish that the north has to offer and reworking my head shape (As my lovely dad put it) aka THE FRINGE.

It’s been a care free and over indulgence/not enough sleep dream!

I’m finishing off Easter with ear ache but I can’t complain about much else.

Happy Easter x