To Die For





The sun has come out to play! It’s been the nicest day in Sheffield today for the first time in what feels like a life time, I embraced it by doing what I do best, shopping! Unfortunately, I wasn’t shopping for myself, but for my two best friends who are both turning 21 in the next few months!

Whilst shopping I hit up COW vintage, one of my favourite stores in Sheffield. Not only are the clothes their the best but the changing rooms allow for the perfect vain posey-shot and wallah here I am! Today I wore vintage floral print dress with brown leather belt, Miss Selfridge denim shirt by Blue Rinse and New Look leather jacket, studded by myself!

I spotted this tie dye tee whilst browsing COW for my friends, it is so nice! It fits so nicely, is bang on trend and is so much more vibrant and lovelier than all the high street versions! At only £14 I felt as if I just had to have it, but then the realisation of why I’m shopping set in and I put it back on its hanger and headed out before I caved. Since I’ve been home I’ve not stopped thinking about it though, that’s a sign, right!? In my head I’ve been wearing it at festivals, on holiday, on the beach.. everywhere! I’ve basically convinced myself that this tee is vital and I must have it.

What do you think?