Flirty Lady

I haven’t taken this dress off since I bought it! And because of that, I have far too many photos to share, but Ive managed to dwindle it down!

I recently landed my first graduate position so as a well done gift to myself I hit up topshop only to find that they had a sale on! I bought 3 dresses totally less than a quarter of the original price and this has got to be my favourite.







It’s perfect for the warm weather we’ve had lately, and surprisingly it’s really versatile. I’ve mixed it up with different shoes, bags and belts on different days for a different kind of look that way I’ve gotten away with wearing it ALL the time!

Wearing such a feminine dress really makes me rethink my wardrobe, could it be time to ditch all the Vans, Fred Perry and Levi’s ?! I’ve definitely enjoyed tottering around like a real lady; lunch, running errands and momma doing my hair “all proper to suit my dress”, it’s been a lovely few days, it’s funny what an impact a simple outfit can have on my confidence and outlook.

Have a lovely weekend, I’m heading to London for a few days! x



After a week of cramming the hours in at the library in hope to get my first draft of the dreaded dissertation in before I go to London to see Florence and The Machine, I decided that I deserve a little a treat. I headed to my two fave high street stores, H&M and Topshop. That’s where I picked up the key pieces for this outfit.
Before I go any further I want to talk about these photos, if you’ve read any of my posts before you’ll have noticed that I don’t have a photographer and rely heavily on self timer! I’ve tried so many times to make my Boyf take the photos but he’s just too impatient! Stupidly I asked him to take these, he makes me laugh and doesn’t count me in, so I always end pulling the worst faces! Despite hating my face 100% of the time and especially hating it when I laugh, I had to put these up. So funny, I’m a real natural beauty (pah!)

Joe can you take a photo? Hang on! let me pose..


Still not ready.. Dont take it yet!


What?! You have been taking them!?


I should probably stick to this..

The light cream jumper is from Topshop, its nothing like anything I already own, which is surprising because I quite often go for plain items that are easy to dress up and accessorise. I can see me wearing this to death!
Flatforms are H&M, I’ve been lusting after a pair for far too long! I already own a pink glittery pair (featured in this vlog haul) and (blogged about here) but they are super difficult to team with outfits!
The white shirt was an absolute steal, just £7.99 from H&M! Perfect for summer as its sleeveless.
Ive put all these new items with my faithful black Topshop leggings, DIY studded New Look jacket and vintage black leather rucksack which was a birthday gift from my beaut BFF.

Im spending the rest of my weekend watching films and taking it seriously easy!
Have a lovely weekend x


Today Im heading to Leeds for a day of family fun/birthday celebrations and an evening of amazing food, for the travel and roaming around Leeds Ive gone for this outfit. As its pretty dull in Sheffield today Im guessing itll be the same in Leeds! Im hoping this vibrant get up with brighten up the gloomy streets of the North.

Im going to be posting photos on instagram all day, especially when food gets involved! (Im prone to posting food porn photos) follow me : jennycub

Ive posted this outfit on WIWT, too!

Have a lovely weekend x


This is my first ever “outfit of the day” video blog, I enjoyed doing it and may do this more often, not just when Ive forgotten my camera!


Before doing this vlog I recieved a lovely email from Sophie  inviting me to the #LDNlunch bloggers networking event in March, I’ve been dying to meet some like minded people in the flesh instead of just over the internet, so Im getting on with uni work and saving my pennies to make sure I can attend! Overall its been a pretty proactive night – and Im definitely ready for some beauty sleep!

Have a lovely weekend!