Pay day, treat day.

When I say pay day is treat day, what I actually mean is treat weekend!

I am SO naughty. Yet another over indulgent weekend, too much gorging and too much shopping makes for a poor, circular but happy Jen!

I hit up Riverside restaurant with my BFF for a lovely tapas lunch before having a driving lesson (this is a secret, but my driving test is VERY soon, eek!) I usually dread the lessons but surprisingly this one was a good start to the weekend.
Quickly followed by that was hitting up the shopping centre and local vintage fair, these are my finds …


RI sale jacket (despite the cooler weather, I just cant ditch 3/4 sleeves!) with Topshop tee


New Look horse print shirt, these animal printed shirts can be garish but I love this one!


Clashing prints with an old H&M fur stole


Lush tapas!


Vintage finds, gorgeous blouse and old school Dune ankle boots (just £10!)


My favourite piece of all! Jump suit, romper, boiler suit, whatever you wanna call it, I bloody love it. 80s find at just £5!

What do you think?
Have a lovely week x