I’m baaack! Has the bloggersphere missed me?! I’ve been so busy wrapping university up and packing to move back, boo hiss. I’m using my free time this afternoon to get this post out that covers the last week and a half.

I have a post ready for the DIY ombre tee that I’ll get out throughout the week but for now, heres a sneak peak! I took an old shirt that I bought from COW vintage nearly 3 years ago and dipped it in bleach. Simple! I love the ombre, handmade and grungey look it has.

The second photo is one of my favourites, drinks on the beach with my best friend, can’t beat it. Tweed blazer with mint collared shirt, £1.50 for the pair. Bargain! I bought these to sell on, and I’m happy to say they’re on eBay now! (Call me, Sugar, Alan Sugar.)

I had one really awful day last week so I treated myself to frappy hour. Strawberries and cream is a dream! Around the time I convinced myself that I derserved a treat, I bought this zebra-esque printed bralette from Primark for an amazing £12! I teamed with a Topshop jersey grey skirt and leather jacket.

Oh and I found my long lost love, my crushed velvet leggings! I got these through bigwardrobe.com (I don’t advise you use this website, its slow, breaks often and lags. I no longer use it!)

It was my friend’s birthday last weekend, in the midst of decorating her garden for the garden party, buying far too much alcohol and dancing like Rihanna, me and my BFF managed to rustle up a little Chanel inspired cake for her!

I’ll round this post off with something current, it’s my graduation ball tonight so I’ve papped a quick photo of my DIY French tips. It’s the first time I’ve done them in forever but I’m pretty happy with them! I can’t wait to get my glad rags on, champers flowing, a good meal and laughs with the rest of my course.

Oh, how could I do a post this bank holiday without mentioning the Jubilee?! Unfortunately, all get togethers that I’ve been invited to have landed whilst I’ve been  in Sheffield, but I have spent the last 48 hours sat infront of the television watching, laughing and crying at the celebrations. I bloody love the Royal family and Queenie. Long live the Queen!

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Have a fabulous day x


To Die For





The sun has come out to play! It’s been the nicest day in Sheffield today for the first time in what feels like a life time, I embraced it by doing what I do best, shopping! Unfortunately, I wasn’t shopping for myself, but for my two best friends who are both turning 21 in the next few months!

Whilst shopping I hit up COW vintage, one of my favourite stores in Sheffield. Not only are the clothes their the best but the changing rooms allow for the perfect vain posey-shot and wallah here I am! Today I wore vintage floral print dress with brown leather belt, Miss Selfridge denim shirt by Blue Rinse and New Look leather jacket, studded by myself!

I spotted this tie dye tee whilst browsing COW for my friends, it is so nice! It fits so nicely, is bang on trend and is so much more vibrant and lovelier than all the high street versions! At only £14 I felt as if I just had to have it, but then the realisation of why I’m shopping set in and I put it back on its hanger and headed out before I caved. Since I’ve been home I’ve not stopped thinking about it though, that’s a sign, right!? In my head I’ve been wearing it at festivals, on holiday, on the beach.. everywhere! I’ve basically convinced myself that this tee is vital and I must have it.

What do you think?









There’s nothing better than clean bedding and a clean Jenny all in time for TOWIE on a Sunday night! As I’ve got 10 minutes to spare I thought it bash out my week in images, I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 6 weeks now! It really has flown by. This week has been pretty slow, I’ve moved back into my flat in Sheffield after a great week at home, and to be honest, it’s been as grim as expected. Sheffield has truly lost its sparkle for me, it’s sad to admit, I guess that’s a sign that uni is ending!

Anywho! This week began with me playing around with my fringe(still!) I do love it but I felt as if it limited my make up usage as I only have a tiny face/head, so I did the most extravagant make up that I’d ever wear to see if it looked a bit too much – I’m content with the outcome, it doesn’t look like too much is going on, does it?

The heavens have opened on me far too many times this week; I’ve been unprepared almost every time too! I had to capture the surreal and kind of creepy wet Sheffield the other evening, I love this weather, especially strolling in it in my big parka, it’s so relaxing!

With £5 in my pocket to buy toiletries I ended up with this £4 charity shop blue and white 70’s pinny style dress and £1 men’s brown leather belt. Totally better than hand wash, dry shampoo and cotton buds, riiight! It’s not the most flattering image, I’m really hoping to get a post out purely on this outfit because it’s a dream! I can’t wait to dress it up with vintage court shoes, brown leather rucksack and circle sunnies.

Oh and just the small matter of dissertation = printed (!!!!!!!!!!) Sleepover with my favourite 1 year old, Sofia.  She’s beautiful, hilarious and just brilliant to be around; just like her Momma. Learning how to curl my short locks, and lunch with my friend while sporting my new tie dye skirt from Miss Selfridge.

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend x