Stores: Online and Offline

This is a thought that I’ve had for a while now, it all stemmed from a rather embarrassing move on my behalf. A few months ago I was browsing through my twitter feed and saw that a high street store had tweeted that their new season clothing was being rolled out across their stores that day. With the tweet they included a twitpic of what we can expect from the new line, this picture showed a loose knit, pastel jumper that I fell in love with instantly. So without a second thought I headed to a large nearby shopping centre to snap it up.

On my phone again (I’m ALWAYS on it) I saw that the store had since tweeted saying to tweet them a photo if you land your hands on the new summer range. Straight away I mentally gave brownie points to said store, I’m an absolute sucker for brands that are engaging, interactive and fun through their twitter account, so obviously I was going to rush home, style it, put it on and post a photo! (I was thinking this with a half sarcastic tone, and half ‘oh my god I can’t wait to get home’ tone)

At the till the girl stated how they only got this particular item in that morning and how lovely it was, my reply was “Oh I know, I can’t wait to wear it! I might tweet it like you’re twitter said too!” she looked at me like I was totally insane. 1) I don’t think this girl had twitter herself 2) She seemed to have no idea that the store had twitter 3) So obviously she had no idea what I was so eagerly frigging talking about.

Before I got chance to explain she was already packing my receipt in the bag and giving me the ‘goodbye, now.’ eyes.

Now, before you say it, I know I shouldn’t just jump to the conclusion that everyone is on twitter and it’s fine that this young lady wasn’t on twitter, but somewhere inside me I kind of hoped that employees of the store are briefed slightly on what they are doing online. For me, this particular store is one of the best and most active high street clothing brands online. They have a huge following and use their feed in the best possible way. It’s not always self promotion, but it is informative, helpful and fun with some conversation management. I’d like to think, for my own blushing cheeks sake, that there’s a poster being pinned up as I type in the employees room saying..

“We are on twitter, people tweet us often, we talk to people, we share photos, we ask for photos, we talk to celebs online, we post photos of celebs in our stuff. Hey, we even sometimes run competitions online. So if you get some crazy woman talking to you in store about us online… smile and nod.”

Brands can be fab online and fab instore, but when the two aren’t consistant, I get sad. The example given is just to set the tone of what I’m trying to ask. Do you expect employees to have some knowledge of their stores online activity? Would you like to see offline and online more insync? Or is there any brands you feel have this nailed?


Insta advice!

I’m sat in a slum of anger, depression and fear. Mostly over university, finances, post uni, finding a job, kick starting my career and my desire to go travelling seeming less and less out of reach. So with all this building up I’ve turned to my blog.

I’ve been a little worried about my online presence lately, basically, I don’t have a presence. I’m barely blogging. My facebook is obsolete, my twitter feed is angry and dont even get me started on YouTube or Pinterest.

So in a bid to turn this around I thought I’d do a blog post. I’m always saying I want to start doing more topical posts that cover do’s and dont’s within your blog, social media and online activity but the truth of it is… I don’t always put my own tips into action! This is primarily down to uni being a total ball ache; I tend to use these platforms as a stress outlet more than anything lately.

Instagram has just hit 25 million users! A service available to iPad and iPhone users. Instagram is an app that allows you to take, edit and share your snaps. I’ve listed some ways to make the most of it!

  1. Use it as a place to advertise your blog. Sneak peak images of something that will be featured on your blog post allows insta users to know what to expect on your blog. Its a great way to get your blog out there, attract new blog readers and even get new insta followers! Make sure to use hashtags! Like twitter, people often use hastags in a bid to find people talking about the same topic. Hashtagging key terms could open you up to a lot of vewiers.
  2. Interlink your instagram with your social media. There’s no shame in self promoting if it’s done well! Simply add your insta name into your twitter bio, Facebook info, YouTube about me etc etc. Despite insta being image based, it is still a great way to follow peers, industry experts, friends and even your favourite brands!
  3. The instagram challenge! An instagram user with many followers often creates a monthly photo challenge. For example ‘Photo Challenge a day, March’ in which they will create a list 31 points long (or how many days there are in that month) each with a different word, and depending on how you interpret that word determines the type of image you decide to snap and share! It’s a good way to have your insta found, blog found, or to be followed!

Interlinking and cross platforms is fab way to circulation your blog! Hope these are of some help. Follow me on instagram: jennycub

How else do you use instagram?

Doing it right



Many of you with a keen eye for high street fashion may have noticed that 90% of my wardrobe is Topshop and 60% of my tweets are about items I want from Topshop! My boyfriend tells me I’m obsessive but I like to think I’m passionate (ha!)

In an attempt to cure this compulsive behaviour I thought there was no better way than to the work for the company that I out rightly allow to rape my bank account of student loan and savings each month. I’m aware that to my friends this idea seemed ludicrous  as they are fully aware of

1, my inability to resist Topshop

2, my poor money management

3, my obsession with shopping for anything at any time.

Despite most people telling me that taking a job a Topshop would do awful things to my purse I did it anyway, and I blogged briefly about the interview outfit choice here.

I’ve found that working for Topshop has proven everyone correct (:( ) Yes I’ve mentally listed things I’m going to buy, yes this before getting paid and yes my wage doesn’t even cover it. Whoops! However, I don’t see this as a huge problem as I’ve vowed that by mid-November my priorities will be in order and my money will be well spent on beloved family, friends, Topshop and the boy.

If working at Topshop has done anything, it’s made me even more aware of the efforts that they put in to customer care. A big part of the interview and training process was that Topshop are really pushing to excel in this area and want to stand out from the high street crowds. I for one massively think that they’ve nailed it in store and online.

Today at university we touched upon large companies and their use of modern media and media relations, ironically Topshop was one of 4 choices we could use to analyse and look how they perform online.

I noted the level of interaction with their publics is second to none on all platforms;

Facebook – trend updates, image updates, competition information, blog and Tumblr advertised.

Twitter – customer service and care, conversational with customers, personal, elite fashion events, competition information, current trends.

Tumblr – other blog features, current trends, other fashions and designers

Inside-Out – insight to the world of work within Topshop at all levels, informative, fun

There are a hundred and one more points that could be raised when talking about the use of social media and I dont want to get into the talk of other companies’ strategies , traditional media, professionalism or potential  jeopardy of ethical journalism etc, so for now Im just going to love social media it and leave!

While on the note of expressing my love, these are some of my wish list items