Primark Pastels







Bag: ASOS, Tshirt: Topshop, Jeans: Primark, Blazer: Primark.

Before I get going I must apologise for my big, fat smiling face! This is the first post I’ve created using a photo timer app to take my photos. As you can see, I was pretty chuffed with it! Anyway, at the age of 13 I vowed never to buy Primark jeans ever again, but here I am sporting their SS12 line of pastel coloured jeans! I’ve been on a buying ban the last few weeks but unexpectedly caved when I went to Primark. I always pop in there thinking I’d leave empty handed but then end up picking up a few pieces up!

Both the blazer and jeans are Primark pieces, and I love them! The blazer has been in every magazine and in almost every fashion bloggers spring/summer posts that I’ve read. It’s fantastic for £19! I think it comes in a variety of shades but I could only find the yellow in my size.

Once I’d picked this up I had to find something to team it with, with River Island in mind I headed to the till to pay up and that’s when I spotted these jeans. I remember being 13-14 and shopping on a paper round budget, my one stop shop was Primark; I swore buy it and loved it. But as I got older and my wages grew I branched out into other shops, realising that I could stop wearing poorly fitting, sagging and usually not on trend jeans from Primark. Today I eat my words, I don’t know what Primark is usually like for jeans but I can vouch for these pastel ones and say that, surprisingly that after a day of wearing them they are still tight, hugging all the right places and most importantly, bang on trend! I love that they come with a cute pink belt,too. I’ll definitely be teaming that with my white summer dresses for a splash of pastel colour.

I’ll definitely be heading to Primark for more than just summer tee’s, tights and dresses now that I’ve rediscovered their jeans.

Have you bought Primark jeans before? What do you think?


Style me

As posted here, I went on a shopping trip the other day where I picked up lots of garments and trinkets from second hand shops in my home town. It was good fun, Ive got a lot to show from it and my bank balance is still in shape! However, I bought one item that Im struggling to wear at the minute. I previously said I bought it for summer/spring, but with the weather being quite nice I want to get it out of my wardrobe now!

So, Im taking inspiration from @StyleOnTheCouch fantastic post:  where she asked for ideas on how to style her red jeans, it hasnt gone unnoticed how many followers, commenters and blog fans she has, and rightly so! its quickly becoming one of my favourite blogs to read, too. Because of the blogs large fan base, the post recieved a lot of ideas and styling tips from her readers. The advice she went for left her looking casual and chic

My blog is still a baby so Im not expecting a lot, but if you have any ideas on how to style this 90’s pastel pink jacket – hit me with them! Much like StyleOnTheCoach; Im interested in accessories, hair styling, anything and everything that will get this £3 baby out of my wardrobe NOW! So let your inner stylist (we all have one!) go wild! Like I said to my friend the other day, Im willing to stand out like a sore thumb and make several fashion faux pas than blend in with the walls and go unnoticed!


Happy Saturday x

American Apparel

My love for America Apparel print advertising campaigns is ever growing. I’ve posted about their naughtiness in one of my first ever posts here and I’m back with a few handpicked images from their recent campaigns. The ones I’ve chosen are ones that have made me want to click the image and go shop shop shop like a crazy lady and others have made me want to look further into what the brand is currently doing/we’re they’re heading/up coming news,launches,ranges etc (and by this I basically mean looking at male models in briefs)

Provocative , shocking, envy, lust, ‘a step too far’ and disgust have all been ways in which American Apparel print advertisements have been described in the British media and I dont think they giving a flying flip.

They are unique and I love them!


wish list

In a bid to save money you may have read my previous post of DIYtie dye and other little posts on alterations etc, this was all going well until I came across Motel new arrivals, I can safely say Ive caved!

I keep tweeting frantically about how I cant wait for Summer so I can get into pastels, skirts and mini dresses and seeing these items has literally just made the wait impossible. Im an absolute playsuit fiend, so of course thats in the wish list, but I cant do summer with out some gorgeous floral tapered trousers, or the staple mini skirt. Ive chosen a high neck body con dress for those Summer nights,too.

I will continue to play around with garments I already own but Im too much of a fashion junkie to just cut out shopping all together! so Ive hand picked a few of my fave items from their huuuge range that you should check out here

Happy Wednesday x

Primark SS12

My fave picks from Primark SS12 – there’s ample to choose from, Primark have seriously upped their game this season. As an avid high street shopper, Primark has been one shop that I’ve always wanted to rely on but have always been disappointed with! I went through a huge spell of just dismissing it and only heading there for tights and pj’s! But I can safely say that Primark is back on my radar!

They’ve created a range filled with SS staples but have gone the extra mile with maxi’s, playsuits and gorgeous vibrant and pastel shade peg trousers. So far I have invested in one playsuit but will be heading there as the weather warms, without a doubt!

view the full range here

Candy Cane Stripes

Before I get going I’d like to say that I’ve left my camera in my home town and I’m relying on my poor excuse of a mobile to take photos, so that means asking people to take my photo which I can not stress how much I hate! These were taken by my less than enthusiastic boyf, bless him.

Oh my lord, I love them.

I wanted a similar Topshop pair last year that were blue stripes, but they sold out everywhere so this year I thought I wouldn’t risk it again and get a pair while the weathers totally unsuitable (reasonable?!) I’ve named these my “beni shorts” I nearly always name my clothes, doesn’t everyone? “The birthday dress” the “Christmas day pj’s” the “interview jacket” the “‘ I’m important and do need this’ handbag” “the Grimsby band tee tshirt” the “I just popped out trousers” IM NOT JOKING.

Anyway, so they’re called ‘beni shorts’ because I plan on going to Benicassim this summer, beni is a huge festival in Spain (Google it, when I talk about it I get too excited) these are going to be my festival staple!

I’ve teamed these shorts with a pink light knit ¾ sleeve jumper; it’s a funny shade of pink, it’s not quite pastel or hot; it’s almost got a neon vibe about it. Don’t cringe, neon is the devil but it seems to work, doesn’t it? With my silly head band and beautiful thrifted ruck sake Im 100% ready for SS12.

silly spender

I feel like I’ve neglected my blog lately, every time I sit down to write something constructive for it, I feel a surge of guilt knowing that this effort and thought process should be going into uni work. So I’m going to a teeny post that requires no thinking, therefore guilt free. (Get ready for spelling and grammar mistakes)

Recently I’ve tweeted about my disappointment so far in the high street SS12 lines that are slowly popping up, so I could post about that, but that requires brain power, so I’m not going too. (Keep an eye out though, it will happen)

Instead, while swapping between Meryl and Schofe (Devil Wears Prada and DOI) I thought I’d share you with what I found in the Topshop sale today. You may have already seen the two video blog hauls from previous shopping trips I’ve had (if not, check them out here!) but since there’s very little to show from today, I thought I may as well just post rather than vlog.

This entire outfit, minus the shoes and tights,cost me mere £30 in the sales!

I’m hoping for cooler weather so I can rock this zebra print cardigan a little longer, although my thinking is that since theres quite a lot of animal print within some SS12 ranges, it may still be in use throughout SS, too! Im also hoping for a lovely tan this summer, fingers crossed *actuallydidit* will make wearing metallic gold bare-legged look acceptable! but as for the white tee and bulb gold chain, pure investments 🙂