I’m baaack! Has the bloggersphere missed me?! I’ve been so busy wrapping university up and packing to move back, boo hiss. I’m using my free time this afternoon to get this post out that covers the last week and a half.

I have a post ready for the DIY ombre tee that I’ll get out throughout the week but for now, heres a sneak peak! I took an old shirt that I bought from COW vintage nearly 3 years ago and dipped it in bleach. Simple! I love the ombre, handmade and grungey look it has.

The second photo is one of my favourites, drinks on the beach with my best friend, can’t beat it. Tweed blazer with mint collared shirt, £1.50 for the pair. Bargain! I bought these to sell on, and I’m happy to say they’re on eBay now! (Call me, Sugar, Alan Sugar.)

I had one really awful day last week so I treated myself to frappy hour. Strawberries and cream is a dream! Around the time I convinced myself that I derserved a treat, I bought this zebra-esque printed bralette from Primark for an amazing £12! I teamed with a Topshop jersey grey skirt and leather jacket.

Oh and I found my long lost love, my crushed velvet leggings! I got these through bigwardrobe.com (I don’t advise you use this website, its slow, breaks often and lags. I no longer use it!)

It was my friend’s birthday last weekend, in the midst of decorating her garden for the garden party, buying far too much alcohol and dancing like Rihanna, me and my BFF managed to rustle up a little Chanel inspired cake for her!

I’ll round this post off with something current, it’s my graduation ball tonight so I’ve papped a quick photo of my DIY French tips. It’s the first time I’ve done them in forever but I’m pretty happy with them! I can’t wait to get my glad rags on, champers flowing, a good meal and laughs with the rest of my course.

Oh, how could I do a post this bank holiday without mentioning the Jubilee?! Unfortunately, all get togethers that I’ve been invited to have landed whilst I’ve been  in Sheffield, but I have spent the last 48 hours sat infront of the television watching, laughing and crying at the celebrations. I bloody love the Royal family and Queenie. Long live the Queen!

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Have a fabulous day x





Click on my face to view my eBay items!

As always, I’m trying to raise a little extra dollar to put towards summer! Thanks to one eBay session I’ve secured £100 ! that is 5 driving lessons or 3-4 hostels in Europe! (how sensible/cute am I?) so thank you! Please share this post!

Have a lovely weekend x


After a week of cramming the hours in at the library in hope to get my first draft of the dreaded dissertation in before I go to London to see Florence and The Machine, I decided that I deserve a little a treat. I headed to my two fave high street stores, H&M and Topshop. That’s where I picked up the key pieces for this outfit.
Before I go any further I want to talk about these photos, if you’ve read any of my posts before you’ll have noticed that I don’t have a photographer and rely heavily on self timer! I’ve tried so many times to make my Boyf take the photos but he’s just too impatient! Stupidly I asked him to take these, he makes me laugh and doesn’t count me in, so I always end pulling the worst faces! Despite hating my face 100% of the time and especially hating it when I laugh, I had to put these up. So funny, I’m a real natural beauty (pah!)

Joe can you take a photo? Hang on! let me pose..


Still not ready.. Dont take it yet!


What?! You have been taking them!?


I should probably stick to this..

The light cream jumper is from Topshop, its nothing like anything I already own, which is surprising because I quite often go for plain items that are easy to dress up and accessorise. I can see me wearing this to death!
Flatforms are H&M, I’ve been lusting after a pair for far too long! I already own a pink glittery pair (featured in this vlog haul) and (blogged about here) but they are super difficult to team with outfits!
The white shirt was an absolute steal, just £7.99 from H&M! Perfect for summer as its sleeveless.
Ive put all these new items with my faithful black Topshop leggings, DIY studded New Look jacket and vintage black leather rucksack which was a birthday gift from my beaut BFF.

Im spending the rest of my weekend watching films and taking it seriously easy!
Have a lovely weekend x

Its my 21st and I’ll drink your fishbowl if I want too

Im 21 today, hurrah! (I dont know if Im happy about this or not, being 21 means I can drink in America and maybe be taken seriously. I have no plans to go to America or grow up anytime soon, so Im starting to think being an adult is pretty crap!)

To celebrate I had little get together in Sheffield, it was fab! my friends from home came up and partied with the uni lot which was so fun! Above are the only blog worthy images, Im sure none of you want to see me with fake eye lashes on my cheeks and a fish bowl on my head? Im kidding! it wasn’t that wild, the dress is too precious to go crazy in!

Tomorrow Im heading to Leeds to be wined and dined by the family, and then heading home in a few days time to be wined and dined by the friends! so tonight, despite it being my actual day of birth, Im just chilling with a face mask on and my feet in foot spa (gift from my gorgeous boyf) while my flat mate cooks for me, Im such a diva!

I felt lovely in this outfit, which makes a change on a night out as I nearly always moan about something. Im really happy to say that I felt fantastic for my 21st!

Ive put together my outfit for you all to see, I was dubious about doing this as then my friends and family will know how much money I spent, oops!

This dress is gorgeous, Im totally in love with it. I got it in pale pink without knowing it was available in any other shades! but since uploading to WIWT Ive found out that its in 3 colours, get yours here

I originally wanted Jeffery Campbell Lita boots, many of you may have noticed the manic tweets I was doing when trying to get my little mits on some! Unfortunately it proved impossible to get some in time so I ended up with these Vixen boots, KG by Kurt Geiger. I love them! I think theyre alot prettier in person!

I cant find the bag I own, its similar to this with the knuckle duster handle but mine is black with leather tassles on. Unfortunately it didnt make it into any photos! but missguided’s equivalent is just as lovely!

I completed my outfit with an ear cuff, I love these and have 3 now. Again this isnt the one I wore as that is no longer on the site! but this one is gorgeous too.

All my friends know Im not uber girly, so when I picked out this dress there were some pretty shocked faces! but of course I couldnt let the grunger within me hide away for a full night! Using the black ankle boots, black leather knuckle duster bag and ear cuff was an attempt to give the outfit an edge. I love it!

What do you think?

Happy Birthday to me x


Its a blistering cold Friday in Sheffield today, it seems its been horrible weather all over the UK, which is why Ive had 4 comments of ‘arent you cold in that?’

Surprisingly not, of course Ive had my parka on when walking to uni and back, I swear people forget that buildings generally do have heating and the warmth is only needed for the inbetween stage, duh! I wrote a few weeks ago that I wanted to start doing more #todayimwearing posts, so here they are!

This was fun to do, its always nice to pose for the camera when you like your outfit! As it has been cold Ive teamed a vintage cream and blue summer dress with a bold neon cropped jumper, this has not only made it vibrant but has added warmth too! The tights are a must, but the vintage leather boots and cream bag are the vital bits thats given this outfit a vibe of old meets new. To say I threw this on at 8:15 this morning its not too bad, is it?!

Have a lovely weekend !


I’ve been meaning to post these images for a few days now. In a bid to save myself some money this summer I’ve decided to tie dye some of my old clothes. I’ve been lusting after various different tie dyed denim jackets, shorts and tees on the internet for a while but many of them are just so far out of my budget! So I figured surely I can create this look myself?!

With just one packet of dye and an hour of my day I have transformed a light denim jacket into a beautiful violet dipped sleeveless jacket, a pair of old denim shorts into purple splashed and ripped shorts and finally, this (which is my fave) it’s a old oversized Topshop vest that I wear over my bikini on holiday and I’ve given its first splash of colour ready for festival season. My aim is to create a really vibrant and multi coloured dress from this.

I’m happy with the first stage and I can’t wait to get some greens and yellows included!



Last night me and a few friends had a little gathering and of course I ended up trying to dance like Beyonce and failed.

I wore this outfit which is a firm fave of mine, its so comfy but looks good! the boots are vintage, real leather with a small heel and zip detail thats all still in perfect condition! the shorts are also vintage, just £8 for a pair of mens levis that I cut, rolled and studded the back pocket to make them a little more unique. The tee is Topshop, I love Bruce so I had to get it, the cut and rolled sleeves sit perfectly, too.

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend!