Big love for the online shop Dixi! I’ve been following them on twitter and admiring their jewellery and clothes for far too long! Their new items launched this morning and twitter has been going crazy!

Browsing through their site for the millionth time this morning, I can totally see why..




I’m happy to say I’m going to be buying something from Dixi for the first time ever! but unfortunately, it’s not for me! I have so many birthdays coming up in the next few months so I thought I’d treat my friends to some lovely pieces from Dixi.

Have you ever bought anything from Dixi before?

Shop Dixi: here

Follow dixi on twitter: @shopdixi

Have a lovely Sunday!



I only went and bloody won it

Around a month ago I stumbled across @hellogorgeousx through #bbloggers chat on twitter (if you’re not familiar with this, it’s  every Sunday from 8pm for an hour, bloggers of all trades come together to talk about a certain topic, the most useful to date for me was how and why to use advertisements on blogs! Something that I am still working on) so, after exchanging advice in the chat, me and Katrina began following each other on twitter. And that’s how I found out about her blog give away!

It was a fair few weeks after that #bbloggers chat that she held her first ever give away, and Im so glad she did! It was the second one I’ve ever entered and I only went and won it. I was so chuffed, blog give away’s benefit both the giver and the receiver as it helps circulate your blog, and in turn a loyal follower receives a few goodies in return!

So I’m dedicating this post to the items I won. Katrina was definitely super generous with her winners box as I got over 10 items! I’m slowly working my way through the lot but I’ve got to say that the Elf stipple brush and Orly ‘ruby red’ polish are firm faves so far! As Katrina’s blog focuses on fashion and beauty she combined the two in her give away. I received things from morning skin care regimes, to make up, to statement earrings. Despite feeling like I’d been truly spoilt the best bit was the message inside. Placed in the lid of the box was a very lovely yet professional note from Katrina, praising me for winning, thanking me for taking part and hoping that I enjoy all the gifts. How lovely?! Of course, in true blogger style, she included her URL, twitter and e-mail address.

Big thanks to Katrina! Check her blog here and drop her line on twitter.

I’ve been seriously inspired to run a blog give away myself, what do you think?!