flower power

I tweeted a few days ago that I’d naughtily headed out to some vintage shops and picked up a few pieces, well here they! I really wanted to get this post out sooner but life is taking over! Blogging has turned into a real peaceful haven for me now, whereas I used to do just for pure enjoyment, I now do it because it keeps me sane through the last months of uni! It’s really lovely to have a hobby that takes me away from everything else.

Topshop crop tee : £8 ASOS clutch : £20

As per, I’m relying on my self timer to try and get a good snap of the outfit, I’m super unhappy with these images and I hate posting ones like this. But I have no other option, my flat mates aren’t in to ask and the entire flat is a state! So I just had to deal with the messy wall and enclosed space due to eBay sell piles all over my floor!

I’ve created two simple outfits with the dress and trousers that I bought from Cow. Together they totalled £13! No one has seen the trousers yet, but I’m preparing myself for comments such as ‘aren’t they PJ bottoms?’ they are infact a super light weight linen! The print is gorgeous and I love how bright and bold they are! I cant wait to dress them up for summer nights with wedges, bralette and of course, a tan! but for now, Im loving this laid back look.

The dress is fabulous and I’ve restrained myself from wearing it 3 days in a row, because I always do that. I get something I love and I don’t take it off until I absolutely have too. I’ve had some really nice comments online about the dress, but I think its a bit too much for people at uni as I’ve had a lot of these faces “:|” haha. I for one adore it! I’ve been wearing it with tights but I’m counting down until spring/summer when I can get the pins out and some lovely vintage sandals to go with it!

The dress made it to WIWT editors pick too!

What do you think?

Happy Wednesday! x




After a week of cramming the hours in at the library in hope to get my first draft of the dreaded dissertation in before I go to London to see Florence and The Machine, I decided that I deserve a little a treat. I headed to my two fave high street stores, H&M and Topshop. That’s where I picked up the key pieces for this outfit.
Before I go any further I want to talk about these photos, if you’ve read any of my posts before you’ll have noticed that I don’t have a photographer and rely heavily on self timer! I’ve tried so many times to make my Boyf take the photos but he’s just too impatient! Stupidly I asked him to take these, he makes me laugh and doesn’t count me in, so I always end pulling the worst faces! Despite hating my face 100% of the time and especially hating it when I laugh, I had to put these up. So funny, I’m a real natural beauty (pah!)

Joe can you take a photo? Hang on! let me pose..


Still not ready.. Dont take it yet!


What?! You have been taking them!?


I should probably stick to this..

The light cream jumper is from Topshop, its nothing like anything I already own, which is surprising because I quite often go for plain items that are easy to dress up and accessorise. I can see me wearing this to death!
Flatforms are H&M, I’ve been lusting after a pair for far too long! I already own a pink glittery pair (featured in this vlog haul) and (blogged about here) but they are super difficult to team with outfits!
The white shirt was an absolute steal, just £7.99 from H&M! Perfect for summer as its sleeveless.
Ive put all these new items with my faithful black Topshop leggings, DIY studded New Look jacket and vintage black leather rucksack which was a birthday gift from my beaut BFF.

Im spending the rest of my weekend watching films and taking it seriously easy!
Have a lovely weekend x

charity shop haul

I popped home for two nights last week, just because I hadnt had the chance to see some family and friends over my birthday, so had to make up for lack of celebrations and it was fantastic! my friends threw me a birthday party with cake, paper chains and pass the parcel! while my Mum gave me money(yey!) and little keep sake presents that I’ll treasure forever!

While Im at home I have to go charity shopping as they are SO much better than Sheffield, in my opinion anyway! (I dont tend to venture out of the city centre, so that may have something to do with it!) I was eagerly tweeting my finds and couldnt wait to blog about them, but at the same time I wanted to show my birthday bits, too. So Ive kind of merged the two and created this post, however it doesnt include many of my birthday gifts because Im too lazy to take anymore photos! plus, Im rubbish at taking photos of objects. I can never capture how pretty or delicate things are.

Im super happy with these buys, not sure Ive put together the best outfits here, but Im working with a limited wardrobe as I seem to have stuff all over the place at the moment.

Cream bobble jumper was £2.50!/ Teal pendant and ring were birthday gifts/Oversized camel coat with anchor detailed buttons was £1!/ Owl necklace was a birthday gift/ Light Lime oversized jumper £3/ Pink button up bomber style jacket £3

The cream and lime jumper are items I bought specifically for spring! I especially love the lime, stores like H&M have neons, pastels, limes and yellows everywhere so Im hoping to team this second hand buy with something highstreet.

As for the ‘del boy’ coat, I have no plans for this, I imagine Ill be throwing it on over anything until the weather warms. I love how casual it is, it reminds me of Topshop AW10, which is fantastic to say this was a pound!

The pastel pink jacket is for summer / spring, also. Its not very ‘me’. But as Ive been saying for ages, I want to see myself in loads of ripped denim and tie dye this summer, so fingers crossed this will slot in perfectly.


Have a lovely weekend x







Last night me and a few friends had a little gathering and of course I ended up trying to dance like Beyonce and failed.

I wore this outfit which is a firm fave of mine, its so comfy but looks good! the boots are vintage, real leather with a small heel and zip detail thats all still in perfect condition! the shorts are also vintage, just £8 for a pair of mens levis that I cut, rolled and studded the back pocket to make them a little more unique. The tee is Topshop, I love Bruce so I had to get it, the cut and rolled sleeves sit perfectly, too.

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend!



Charity shop haul

I have no make up on and this was all pretty rushed because I must start revising for my exam! so apologies.. but this skirt and shirt  cost me just £4.50 from a local charity shop! thats my Chritmas present to myself.

Watch the video to see what other bargains I accidently stumbled across today! but do try ignore my hideous snotty nose and bunged up voice, Ive got a bad case of the yearly Christmas cold!

(Look, I sat in front of the tree and everything, could I be anymore festive?!)