Flirty Lady

I haven’t taken this dress off since I bought it! And because of that, I have far too many photos to share, but Ive managed to dwindle it down!

I recently landed my first graduate position so as a well done gift to myself I hit up topshop only to find that they had a sale on! I bought 3 dresses totally less than a quarter of the original price and this has got to be my favourite.







It’s perfect for the warm weather we’ve had lately, and surprisingly it’s really versatile. I’ve mixed it up with different shoes, bags and belts on different days for a different kind of look that way I’ve gotten away with wearing it ALL the time!

Wearing such a feminine dress really makes me rethink my wardrobe, could it be time to ditch all the Vans, Fred Perry and Levi’s ?! I’ve definitely enjoyed tottering around like a real lady; lunch, running errands and momma doing my hair “all proper to suit my dress”, it’s been a lovely few days, it’s funny what an impact a simple outfit can have on my confidence and outlook.

Have a lovely weekend, I’m heading to London for a few days! x


MSN Outfit Picks

This is why I love Poppy and her creation, WIWT. For the second time that I know of I’ve been featured on MSN hottest outfits. This appears to be just another string to Poppy’s bow. Each week she picks her favourite outfits, much like the process of editors picks on but this time they are being featured on a massive, massive website with the opportunity to be found by anyone!

It’s always nice to get feedback on your appearance, especially when you’re wearing something new, so I’m super happy that WIWT agree that this floral vintage dress is lovely.


This week has been quite slow, it’s not Sunday yet but if my Saturday night plans are anything to go by (cooking, The Voice and doing the washing) then I can’t imagine that my Sunday day is going to bring this post to a standstill, so I figured I may as well post my week in photos today!

I’m slowly becoming a hermit, a library lover and fat girl. With my dissertation hand in date looming, a budget to live off that is ever shrinking and feeling like I have no energy to do anything once the day is through. I’ve found myself hitting the cupboards! It’s not something I want to make a habit of doing but I fear that the stress of uni is taking over! So once again, to keep me entertained, stop me from eating and to do something £££ free, I’m hitting the bloggersphere.

On a more upbeat note I have started browsing online for a graduation ball dress, I’m going to post a few faves nearer the time because no doubt I’ll need some guidance on what to get. Glam isn’t really my thing; neither is dressing like a princess. Give me sheer blacks, slits, studs, leather or ridiculous velvet dresses any day!

Looking at these photos now, I guess I cant complain. My summer festival ticket arrived, Ive spotted some gorgeous items in COW that have been added to my ‘to buy’ list and looking at my foody photos I still get a sense of achievement!

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend x








As posted here, I wanted to start a weekly post to document my outfits. It went well in the first week but as typical as ever I’ve sort of missed the point of it this week! I spent the weekend at home going swimming, eating too much food and winning at bowling, so this post could have been a mixture of me half naked, with a food baby and a massive grin on my face. So instead I’ve decided to just pick a few photos from my instagram (jennycub, if you want to follow).

Midday on Monday is actually one of my favourite times of the week as I’ve finished uni for the day and I can blog guilt-free, but looking over these pictures now I’m wishing last week/end didn’t end!

PS, my eBay has almost finished! check it out 🙂

Happy Monday x




For a while I’ve wanted to create a post that documents my week of outfits in one place, as an avid user of @WIWT (what I wore today, fab site. Get on it) I’ve been inspired to take a similar approach and start compiling one week of outfits into one post. I figured its easier than blogging about new pieces or outfits individually when they are not necessarily anything to shout about (unless it’s a haul, obviously!) and it’s always nice to nosey isn’t it? So this in mind, I want to make this a weekly post simply titled “#week1”,2 ,3 etc. I guess it’s quite a personal post, despite the fact I don’t intend to write an awful lot, you can see what I’ve been wearing or even creepier, recognise me in the street because of this bloody leather jacket that I haven’t taken off since August 2011.

Anyway, here is my first week. I’m aware that its only Tuesday but I have a good explanation for pretty much drawing a line under this week in terms of work, university, any academic reading and even eating and sleeping. And that is because *drum rolls* I’m heading to London early doors tomorrow to see the beautiful Florence Welch at Alexandra Palace! Argh, I can’t even type when I think about it due to excitement so I’ll just say this: Florence + London = dream. Definitely will be no time to take photos of anything but her and maybe some red buses (I love playing on how Northern I am. NORTHERN PRIDE X) Woah, this has turned into a personal post, a select few will smile at that last bracketed comment and my approach to the “North, South divide”, not sure how I’m coming across to others though.

Do you document your outfits in anyway?

Link me to your What I Wore Today accounts if you have one!

Happy Tuesday!


Today Im heading to Leeds for a day of family fun/birthday celebrations and an evening of amazing food, for the travel and roaming around Leeds Ive gone for this outfit. As its pretty dull in Sheffield today Im guessing itll be the same in Leeds! Im hoping this vibrant get up with brighten up the gloomy streets of the North.

Im going to be posting photos on instagram all day, especially when food gets involved! (Im prone to posting food porn photos) follow me : jennycub

Ive posted this outfit on WIWT, too!

Have a lovely weekend x


Today it is COLD. I have tights, socks, leggings, vest, tee and a jumper on! (I’m far too tight with the central heating) I’m inbetween places today running errands, so this amount of layers is perfectly acceptable!

I call this my ‘Christmas jumper’ although it has no representation of Christmas on it at all – but it’s the only chunky and warm jumper I have, plus red is quite a festive colour, isn’t it? The leggings were originally bought as part of a fancy dress outfit! (I know some people think that’s where they should stay!) but I love them, my boyf calls me Kat Slater when I wear them, which to be honest, isn’t the look I’m going for!

The boots were from a car boot sale earlier this year, I really wasn’t a fan of the military look when it was in but these are a good exception, with a solid sole, original skinny laces and real leather they were a real steal at just £1!

The socks are from American Apparel, I wear them with all my boots. You can’t go wrong with a frilly ankle sock!

I posted this on WIWT :