If I get dreadlocks, for everyones sake, I’ll shut the blog..

Oh it’s a beautiful day! When the sun shines everything seems so much better, doesn’t it? Despite the fact its crunch time at uni and everything is up in the air at minute, I’ve come over with a sense of relaxation, confidence and peace. Of course, this is all false, the clouds will come and I’ll realise I need to get my ass in the library! But for now, I’m just going to sun it up.

H&M is so lovely at the moment! I’ve been in there 3 times in 1 week (sad, I know) but it gets worse, I shopped, I returned, I window shopped, I window shopped, I window shopped and then the penny dropped that I should go home and forget about the things I can’t afford at the minute.

I bought, returned and now lusting over these,

Hot pink dress £29.99

Light wash pastel pink skinny stretch trousers £24.99

Chiffon crisp white shirt £29.99

They’re all lovely and such good quality for the price! I’ve always been a fan of H&M and at the minute they are making it very difficult to say no. But I somehow gathered the will power to return,  reason being:



When I look at them like this, there is no competition at all. Despite loving fashion and it being a substantial part of my life, it is soon turning around. I’m still always wanting to shop, thinking of items to put together, dressing like a mad woman, getting it wrong and then getting it right. Perving on the latest lines, collaborations, well dressed people and one day wanting to work within fashion somehow . But lately I’m having this battle of the day dreams. Before they were filled with the above, but now they are filled with travelling, sightseeing, people meeting, getting on the wrong bus, sleeping in a super cute yet hideously dirty and dangerous hostel. Obviously, all of this is while wearing my fave cotton skirt and tee! But the days of going rough, make-up less, heelless and generally without a nice clean, cute shirt or floral and flouncy vintage dress are quickly becoming desirable.

Am I having a quarter life crisis? Or have I finally realised that there’s more to life than wearing the latest fashion? Hmm. I don’t know, I think if I travelling go, I’ll either come back craving to top up my wardrobe, get a shower and have a haircut. Or I’ll come back with dreadlocks and dare I say, wearing linen shorts.

Obviously I’m joking, one of the main reasons I want to go travelling is because I want to see uni out with a bang. Also, this summer is pretty much regarded as the last one, as after this I’ll be getting 5 weeks holiday a year like everyone else. And trust me, after having around 7 months in holidays through a uni year, 5 weeks sounds like unfair hell!

Before I get my knickers in an even bigger twist, I’m going to go and enjoy the British sun while I can!

Happy Wednesday x


VB hits Harvey Nichols

While sat with my head swamped in work and generally stressing out, Grazia lifted my spirits by tweeting the link to images of VB hitting Harvey Nics and I LOVE it, so I’m having a little break just to write this little post.

http://www.graziadaily.co.uk/fashion/archive/2012/01/30/its-here-victoria–victoria-beckham-arrives-at-harvey-nichols.htm oh my god, I LOVE it, I dont find the cat heads creepy at all. meowmeow. VB is so good, I want. via @Grazia_Live

Look how hyped I was ^ haha! I love VB though; I’m such a huge fan. This obviously derives from my love of the Spice Girls, even though she wasn’t my favourite, Sporty all the way! (live to regret that now as there’s countless photo of me with stick on tattoos around my arm doing karate kick poses, umhm..) but since emerging as a designer I’ve really liked everything she has done, when she won brand of the year 2011 I just couldnt help but feel happy and little bit proud!

I love our Vic and I plan on dressing in head to toe VB “when Im older” (Im already old) and have a real job! Along side this I’m also going to have an affair with her husband..


Check the full story here


Home time and iPhone playing

Those who follow me on twitter may have guessed that I got an iPhone recently, I should probably use this post as a place to apologise for my manic tweeting and instagram posting but I won’t, I’m going to use this post to say “hellooo, I’m posting from my iPhone!” (I will stop being an iPhone geek soon,maybe)

Anyway, I’m currently on the coach back to Sheffield from spending a lovely 10 days at home, the reason Im on the coach and not on a train as planned is because National Rail decide to do track work ALL DAY! So I figured I’d use this time to share with you my favourite bits from my time at home through imagery enjoy x











This is my first ever “outfit of the day” video blog, I enjoyed doing it and may do this more often, not just when Ive forgotten my camera!


Before doing this vlog I recieved a lovely email from Sophie  inviting me to the #LDNlunch bloggers networking event in March, I’ve been dying to meet some like minded people in the flesh instead of just over the internet, so Im getting on with uni work and saving my pennies to make sure I can attend! Overall its been a pretty proactive night – and Im definitely ready for some beauty sleep!

Have a lovely weekend!

Birmingham Clothes Show Live update

Birmingham Clothes Show Live haul, talking you through all my finds and freebies that Ive blogged about here, with a few recommendations and warnings of the products I got!

(I state in the video that I got a Body Shop gift card in a goody bag from Clothes Shoes Live that could have had £3, £15 or £100 on and that Im off to check today, Ive been and I got 3 bloody pounds)