Elf cosmetics

After a month or so searching for good and affordable make up brushes I can now say that I’ve called the search off! I’ve invested in a ten piece make up brush set from elf cosmetics. I read up on the company and it’s product a few days before ordering and picked up a general positive vibe, so thought why not?! It was between these £12 specials or Bobbi Browns £139 set (I wish!) obviously Bobbi Browns are far out of my budget despite lusting after them for far too long.




Along with the brushes I got a nail varnish and lip gloss, purely for the fact that they were just £1.50 each! The only criticisms I have for the two smaller items is that the nail varnish needs two coats for a good coverage and the lip gloss swatches on the website are nothing to go by. Unfortunately I wont be able to use this as its far to dark for me! It looked lovely on the site though.

The brushes are fantastic for the price, my favourite so far is the blusher brush. It’s soft to the touch and it’s a great shape compared to the Ruby and Millie one I was using.
I placed the order late Thursday night and received the items Saturday morning, fast and free delivery! (only on orders over £30, my flat mate ordered with me to guarantee free delivery!)
Overall my first order with elf has been a very good one and I will definitely be visiting the online shop again. I would recommend these brushes if you are on a budget, they are fab for basic make up and everyday use.

Check them out here


DIY ombre hair

I edited this without watching it back, silly! apologies for the few seconds that has me signing to Florence, pulling faces and a towel on my head!!

(I have NO idea if I have been pronouncing ombre wrong or right but you guys know what I mean!)

This was really easy to do but unfortunately not as effective as I had hoped! I think I was wrong in using semi permanent and probably should have braced a longer lasting dye to get a brighter affect! I was after an orangey look but due to my cautiousness it only lightened my already dyed brunette hair.

In terms of coverage – the bristle brush really worked, it gave a gradual gradient effect and will probably work even better on longer hair.

I would suggest that if you have short hair – still try it! Length shouldn’t limit you.

If you have already dyed hair use a permanent – it will take to your hair better.