Whose a little SMUT?

I am.

I bought this tee around 3 weeks ago and I literally haven’t taken it off since!
I’ve offended 10+ people, been scowled and tutted at. But out weighing that is all the nods of approval and appreciation from other like minded, hilarious people.

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Pay day, treat day.

When I say pay day is treat day, what I actually mean is treat weekend!

I am SO naughty. Yet another over indulgent weekend, too much gorging and too much shopping makes for a poor, circular but happy Jen!

I hit up Riverside restaurant with my BFF for a lovely tapas lunch before having a driving lesson (this is a secret, but my driving test is VERY soon, eek!) I usually dread the lessons but surprisingly this one was a good start to the weekend.
Quickly followed by that was hitting up the shopping centre and local vintage fair, these are my finds …


RI sale jacket (despite the cooler weather, I just cant ditch 3/4 sleeves!) with Topshop tee


New Look horse print shirt, these animal printed shirts can be garish but I love this one!


Clashing prints with an old H&M fur stole


Lush tapas!


Vintage finds, gorgeous blouse and old school Dune ankle boots (just £10!)


My favourite piece of all! Jump suit, romper, boiler suit, whatever you wanna call it, I bloody love it. 80s find at just £5!

What do you think?
Have a lovely week x

Professional Style Diary

So, this is real life?! Up at 7 and home at 6. Gone are the days of getting up at 9, lunching with friends, shopping all day and partying until the early hours, oh uni, you really are long gone! I’ve just entered my second week of my first graduate job/full time job and I’m really enjoying it!

Throughout my first week, my main concern was obviously the huge challenge that lies before me, making a good impression and settling in, however, this was closely followed by what to wear!
As its my first professional job, I wanted to look smart but I despise standard office wear and I didn’t want to lose my usual style, so in a bid to look respectable and fashionable, I put together these outfits.


All from Primarks AW12 range! can you believe it? The  navy blazer is light weight and the maroon pencil skirt with skinny belt has a stretch but has a lovely fit.




This is my favourite look from my first week. All Primark AW12 minus the H&M skinny fit suit jacket. I love the androgynous look of this outfit, but the fitted white shirt gives it a feminine edge!



I’m usually always against black trousers, even at school I hated them, but my brother convinced me that these will be a staple in work wardrobe and he was right! I opted for high waisted and teamed it with this Mango 3 coloured panel top.




This Topshop floral peplum dress has become a staple in my work and social wardrobe, everyone always says how lovely it is – and for just £20 I’m really glad I invested in this surprisingly versatile piece!

Fridays are casual and I totally forgot to snap a pic as I didn’t feel like I was heading to work! I’m thoroughly enjoying what I’m doing, and I have a whole new load of items to wear this week, the work style diary may be something I’d like to do again!?

Have a lovely week!

Flirty Lady

I haven’t taken this dress off since I bought it! And because of that, I have far too many photos to share, but Ive managed to dwindle it down!

I recently landed my first graduate position so as a well done gift to myself I hit up topshop only to find that they had a sale on! I bought 3 dresses totally less than a quarter of the original price and this has got to be my favourite.







It’s perfect for the warm weather we’ve had lately, and surprisingly it’s really versatile. I’ve mixed it up with different shoes, bags and belts on different days for a different kind of look that way I’ve gotten away with wearing it ALL the time!

Wearing such a feminine dress really makes me rethink my wardrobe, could it be time to ditch all the Vans, Fred Perry and Levi’s ?! I’ve definitely enjoyed tottering around like a real lady; lunch, running errands and momma doing my hair “all proper to suit my dress”, it’s been a lovely few days, it’s funny what an impact a simple outfit can have on my confidence and outlook.

Have a lovely weekend, I’m heading to London for a few days! x

Rainy Monday’s and Morning Coffee







So far, today has largely been made up of running errands, getting caught in the rain and having a morning coffee with my BFF! Despite this laid back and easy living Monday, I’m in fact waiting on a really important call that is making me a nervous wreck! but I will say no more on that matter! Tease, I know.

OOTD posts are always my favourite to read, and I vowed a light year ago that I would start posting more of them too. What I love about this outfit, even though its far from weather appropriate and is pretty bland, is that its all second hand. 50% of the items in my wardrobe have probably had a handful of previous owners, I’m always curious how others may have styled the pieces that I now have!

The houndstooth brown and caramel pencil skirt was 20p from a charity shop in my home town, mental isn’t it!? The over sized khaki vest that I blogged about here is, of course, from Beautiful Barcelona for just 1 euro, along with the cream knit (4 euro) that I literally haven’t taken off since getting it! The emerald green slippers are coming up 4 years old (in my hands, anyway!) from COW vintage for just £3. But breaking the second hand look of this outfit is the bracelet, hand decorated from Spain for just 1 euro!

If you have any charity shop posts, leave your link below!

Happy Monday x

The Spanish dream

Ola, I’m home!

I’ve been on my little travels to Valencia and Barcelona. I have a million photos I want to share with you all, but instead of just doing one haa-uge post, I thought I’d start off with something I know most of you will be interested. SPANISH FASHION. Well, I say fashion. It my own take of their style that I’ve recreated with pieces I bought from a Spanish charity shop in Barcelona called Humana.

I know a lot of you will read that and think 1) Who goes clothes shopping on holiday!? 2) Who goes second hand shopping on holiday! Well, the answer is, me! someone who has an addiction and in need of new clothes as they all got ruined at Benicassim (which was amazing by the way, post to come.)


This baby blue smock dress is in fact a size 22 top for the larger lady. But when I spotted it, I knew it could get away with wearing it as a floaty dress! I had many smiles whilst trotting around Barcelona in this, its pretty cute isnt it!?


This photo was taken upon my arrival back in the sunny UK, its also my favourite Spanish buys! the linen vest is ZARA! but bought for 1 euro, the checked green skirt as cute side pockets and fit comfortably, something that is a rarity with fitted skirts on my big bum! The tan sandals are as Spanish and cosmopolitan European you can get, and I love them. The tiny heel doesnt make me feel frumpy at all, but cute and dainty, just like a real Spanish lady (ha!)


Every young person, girl or boy, had a leather necklace with a pendant on, mine is of a feather as I love feathers! Las Ramblas is full of small shops that sell cute earrings in all shapes and sizes, I got myself some silver earrings in the shape of baseball caps!


This oversized khaki green vest is a shade and style that was worn heavily amongst the younger Spanish girls, most of them had a really cool, grungy look about them. It was a look much like the cosmopolitan styling that I’d been inspired by, but for now, my tee, eyelinger and ear stretcher is as hardcore as its gona get!

Spanish fashion is a wonderful mixture of tailored Mango and ZARA pieces, teamed with vintage and/or grunge looking dungarees, retro pencil skirts and dainty sandals or converse! it was a gorgeous mixture that has totally made me realise that theres so much more to fashion than the British high street, and although we do it well, I will definitely be adapting some new looks into my wardrobe!


Stores: Online and Offline

This is a thought that I’ve had for a while now, it all stemmed from a rather embarrassing move on my behalf. A few months ago I was browsing through my twitter feed and saw that a high street store had tweeted that their new season clothing was being rolled out across their stores that day. With the tweet they included a twitpic of what we can expect from the new line, this picture showed a loose knit, pastel jumper that I fell in love with instantly. So without a second thought I headed to a large nearby shopping centre to snap it up.

On my phone again (I’m ALWAYS on it) I saw that the store had since tweeted saying to tweet them a photo if you land your hands on the new summer range. Straight away I mentally gave brownie points to said store, I’m an absolute sucker for brands that are engaging, interactive and fun through their twitter account, so obviously I was going to rush home, style it, put it on and post a photo! (I was thinking this with a half sarcastic tone, and half ‘oh my god I can’t wait to get home’ tone)

At the till the girl stated how they only got this particular item in that morning and how lovely it was, my reply was “Oh I know, I can’t wait to wear it! I might tweet it like you’re twitter said too!” she looked at me like I was totally insane. 1) I don’t think this girl had twitter herself 2) She seemed to have no idea that the store had twitter 3) So obviously she had no idea what I was so eagerly frigging talking about.

Before I got chance to explain she was already packing my receipt in the bag and giving me the ‘goodbye, now.’ eyes.

Now, before you say it, I know I shouldn’t just jump to the conclusion that everyone is on twitter and it’s fine that this young lady wasn’t on twitter, but somewhere inside me I kind of hoped that employees of the store are briefed slightly on what they are doing online. For me, this particular store is one of the best and most active high street clothing brands online. They have a huge following and use their feed in the best possible way. It’s not always self promotion, but it is informative, helpful and fun with some conversation management. I’d like to think, for my own blushing cheeks sake, that there’s a poster being pinned up as I type in the employees room saying..

“We are on twitter, people tweet us often, we talk to people, we share photos, we ask for photos, we talk to celebs online, we post photos of celebs in our stuff. Hey, we even sometimes run competitions online. So if you get some crazy woman talking to you in store about us online… smile and nod.”

Brands can be fab online and fab instore, but when the two aren’t consistant, I get sad. The example given is just to set the tone of what I’m trying to ask. Do you expect employees to have some knowledge of their stores online activity? Would you like to see offline and online more insync? Or is there any brands you feel have this nailed?